Keyboarding Smart is a business that sells Keyboarding First, a comprehensive textbook made for teachers by teachers. 

Keyboarding First is...

  • A new color-coded touch-control keyboarding curriculum

  • Developmentally appropriate for any beginning keyboarding student, ages 5 to 95

  • For school or individual instruction:

    • Independent!  After a few guided lessons, students progress at their own pace

    • Simple! Teach keyboarding basics during initial technology experiences

    • Practice Basic Skills! Same as learning music, sports, and the 3 R's

Keyboarding First—Introductory Keyboard

  • Use a washable, color-coded, 17" x 7" keyboard to:

    • Identify the assigned colored finger to each key

    • Guide activities to learn basic finger typing techniques

Keyboarding First—Book

  • Use with any word-processing software open screen

  • 144 uncluttered pages, easy to read fonts

  • One new key per lesson

  • Words carefully chosen for early readers

  • Language Arts emphasized throughout lessons saves other teaching time

  • Lessons end with report/letter

Keyboarding FirstFREE Resources Available

  • For Schools:
    • Teacher Resource Guide—CD  FREE
    • Teacher Training—DVD (15 minute introduction) FREE

  • For Individuals:
    • Simple instructions FREE

No more hunting and pecking ...

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